Juan Carlos Garvayo
Corral del Carbón
Wednesday 1 July 21:00 Recital


Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) / Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36/S 464 (35 min)




Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67/S 464 (38 min)

Beethoven by Liszt II

Just three years ago, Granada-born Garvayo declared in a radio interview to be quite “omnivorous” in his musical tastes, so that his love for contemporary and chamber music is not at all at odds with facing two of Beethoven’s symphonies (Second and Fifth) taken to the piano by Liszt. In that same interview, Garvayo admired Liszt’s immense ability to take Beethoven’s orchestra to the piano. His concert with these two symphonies is an exciting adventure, and as he has pointed out himself, we must approach to listen to this Fifth without preconceived ideas, open to listen to other details. Another step, and very big one, on this trip through the most pianistic symphonic Beethoven.

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